• Eastern High: Halo-2021.

    Eastern High:Proggressive Metal from Sweden. Discography: Garden of Heathens Full-length 2017   Emperor Single 2021   Morning Star Single 2021   Halo Full-length 2021 Past Members: Douglas “Dogge” Hallberg Drums 1. Erosion of Hearts 05:13   2. Emperor 05:34   3. Notorious Enemy 03:45   4. Journey 05:38   5. Morning Star 05:13   Show lyrics […]

  • Magnetic Storm: My Own War-2021.

    Magnetic Storm:Melodic Groove Metal from Russia. Discography: Начальный этап Full-length 2013   Headshot EP 2015   The Unwanted One Single 2016   Ace of Spades Single 2017   Hate Will Save the World Full-length 2017   Russian Hooligans Single 2018   My Own War Full-length 2021 Past Members: Maxim Ilyin Vocals (2014-2016) Vadim Krasnov Guitars (rhythm) (2015-2017) […]

  • Pikes Edge: Hope-2021.

    Pikes Edge:Heavy Groove Metal from Germany. Discography: Nameless Full-length 2012   All of Our Beauty Full-length 2016   Hope Full-length 2021 Past Members: Lukas Danninger Guitars See also: The Course Is Black Marin Kostek Guitars Daniele Cerra Bass, Vocals (2010-2011) See also: ex-Wild Scream Giuseppe Gitto Drums (2010-2012) Jürgen Reuschel Drums (2010-?) See also: ex-Code Red Michael Schkarlat Vocals, […]

  • Oceanhoarse: Dead Reckoning-2021.

    Oceanhoarse: Heavy Groove Metal from Finland. Discography: The Oceanhoarse Single 2018   Fading Neons Single 2018   Waves Single 2018   The Intruder Single 2018   Death Row Center Single 2019   Feed the Sirens Single 2019   Duality Single 2019   Voluntary Bends EP 2019   The Damage (Live) Single 2020   The Damage […]

  • Book Of Numbers: Magick-2021.

    Book Of Numbers:Power Doom from United States. Discography: Magick Full-length 2021   1. Magick 03:18   Show lyrics 2. Optimism 06:31   Show lyrics 3. The Jester’s Crown 05:45   Show lyrics 4. Children of the Sea (Black Sabbath cover) 06:14   Show lyrics 5. Contact / Kissing Laughter 05:16   Show lyrics 6. White Turns Black to Grey 04:10 […]

  • Altesia: Embryo-2021.

    Altesia:Proggressive Metal from France. ALTESIA is a Progressive Metal band from Bordeaux, France founded by Clément DARRIEU in 2017. Two years before forming the band, DARRIEU started writing the music for what would become the band’s first album. Once he started to feel confident in his compositions, he built the line-up that would best convey […]

  • Devoid: Lonely Eye Movement-2021.

    Devoid:Proggressive Metal from France. Discography: Cup of Tears Full-length 2017   Lonely Eye Movement Full-length 2021 Past Members: Ben Wanders Drums See also: Sanity Obscure, Shardborne, Slave Zero, ex-Xerath, ex-Shadowmarch (live) 1. Lonely Eye Movement 04:08   2. Man Without Fear 05:33   3. Impostor 04:25   4. Destination Heaven 05:34   5. Waiting for the Storm 06:19   […]

  • Noltem: Illusions In The Wake-2021.

    Noltem: Atmospheric Black Metal from United States. Discography: Hymn of the Wood Demo 2005   Mannaz EP 2015   Illusions in the Wake Full-length 2021 1. Figment 08:32   2. Illusions in the Wake 06:48   3. Beneath the Dreaming Blue 07:49   4. Submerged 01:55   5. Ruse 08:48   6. On Shores of […]

  • George Lynch: Seamless-2021.

    George Lynch (born September 28, 1954) is an American guitarist and songwriter. He is best known for his work with heavy metal band Dokken and his post-Dokken solo band Lynch Mob. Lynch is considered to be one of the most famous and influential 1980s metal guitarists and is known for his unique playing style and sound. He is ranked No. 47 […]

  • Alcatrazz: V-2021.

    On December 4th, 2020, it was reported that, following conflicts regarding the band’s management, Alcatrazz had parted ways with Graham Bonnet and Doogie White would be replacing him. Within hours after this announcement, Bonnet claimed on his Facebook page that he would “still be recording and performing with Alcatrazz” with a new lineup that is to be announced in the spring […]