Burial In The Sky: The Consumed Self-2021.

Burial In The Sky:Proggressive Technical Death Metal from United States. Discography: Psychosis EP 2013   Transcendence EP 2014   Persistence of Thought Full-length 2016   Tesla Single 2017   Creatio et Hominus Full-length 2018 The Consumed Self Full-length 2021 Past Members: Joe Rossi Drums (2013-2016) Will Okronglis Vocals, Guitars (rhythm), Bass (2013-2018) See also: ex-Ascain, ex-Odium Complex […]

Symbolik: Emergence-2020.

Symbolik:Technical Melodic Death Metal from United States. Discography: Pathogenesis EP 2011   Diverging Mortal Flesh Single 2015   Emergence Full-length 2020 Past Members: John Sangalang Guitars (rhythm) (2010-2020) 1. Augury of Ancients 03:25   Show lyrics 2. Invoking Oblivion 04:02   Show lyrics 3. A Tyranny in Decay 05:09   Show lyrics 4. Corridors of the Consumed 05:43   Show […]

Rivers Of Nihil: The Work-2021.

Rivers Of Nihil:Proggressive Death Metal from United States. Discography: Hierarchy EP 2010 Temporality Unbound EP 2011 The Conscious Seed of Light Full-length 2013 Monarchy Full-length 2015 Where Owls Know My Name Full-length 2018 The Work Full-length 2021 Past Members: Ron Nelson Drums (2009-2014) Jon Kunz Guitars (2009-2014) See also: Outer Heaven Alan Balamut Drums (2014-2016) See also: Anesthetized Dylan Potts […]

Demon King: The Final Tyranny-2021.

Demon King:Blackened Technical Death Metal from United States. Discography: The Watcher, Wreathed in Flame Single 2019   The Final Tyranny EP 2021 Past Members: James Turk Bass (2019-2020) See also: Enfold Darkness, ex-Hobb’s End, Laser Flames on the Great Big News, ex-Oubliette, ex-Chaos Moon (live), ex-Imbrued Deceit, ex-In Search of, ex-Phosphene 1. Tyrannical Reign of the Deceiver 03:50 […]

The Odious Construct: Shrine Of The Obscene-2018.

The Odious Construct:Proggressive Melodic Death Metal from United States. Discography: Halloween Demo 2015   Flatline Demo 2015   The Odious Construct EP 2016   Shrine of the Obscene EP 2018 Throne of Misanthropy Single 2020   1. Vortex of Self 03:38   Show lyrics 2. Descension 03:34   Show lyrics 3. They Came Through the Mirrors 03:42 […]

Deviant Process: Nurture-2021.

Deviant Process:Proggressive Death Metal from Canada. Discography: Narcissistic Rage EP 2011   Paroxysm Full-length 2016   Nurture Full-length 2021 Past Members: Pierre-Luc Beaulieu Bass (2009-2016) Olivier Genest Drums (2009-2012) See also: ex-ButterButtButler, ex-Unexpect Antoine Baril Drums (2012-2014) See also: Augury, Contemplator, From Dying Suns, Tol, ex-Tormentor Allegoria (live), ex-MAG (live), ex-Worth Dying For (live), ex-Signs of Fate, ex-Bone Setter, ex-Sanction, ex-Self Circus François Fortin Drums (2014-2019) […]

Knife: Knife-2021.

Knife:Black Speed Metal from Germany. Discography: Black Leather Hounds Single 2020   Locked in EP 2020   The Hallowed Chamber of Storms Single 2021   Inside the Electric Church Single 2021   Knife Full-length 2021 Past Members: Rook Bass (2019-2020) Side A 1. Behold the Horse of War 03:18   Show lyrics 2. Inside the Electric Church […]

The Behest Of Serpents: Disciples-2021.

The Behest Of Serpents:Melodic Death Metal from United States. Discography: Starve the Skies Single 2019   Night Terrors Single 2019   Through the Inferno Single 2019   Disciples Full-length 2021   1. Starve the Skies 04:28   2. Head Over Heels 03:33   3. Hypocrite 03:15   4. Night Terrors 04:14   Show lyrics 5. Maggotborne […]

Toledo Steel: Heading For The Fire-2021.

Toledo Steel:Heavy Metal from England. Discography: Demo Demo 2012   Toledo Steel EP 2013 Zero Hour EP 2015 No Quarter Full-length 2018 The First Strike of Steel – The Early Years Anthology Compilation 2020   Writing’s on the Wall Single 2021   On the Loose Single 2021   Heading for the Fire Full-length 2021   […]

Thundermaker: The Road -2021.

Thundermaker:Heavy Power Metal from Sweden. Past Members: Philip Petersson Bass (2013) See also: ex-Cross, ex-Target Jimi Lexe Drums (2014-?) See also: Unfaithful Martin Åberg Bass (2015-?) See also: Eye of Ra, Fearless Songs: 1. The Road 04:50   2. Fire Burns Forever 04:07   3. Broken Promises 05:11   4. A Twin Flame Journey 04:04   5. Fake […]


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October 2021
  • Burial In The Sky: The Consumed Self-2021.

  • Symbolik: Emergence-2020.

  • Rivers Of Nihil: The Work-2021.

  • Burial In The Sky: The Consumed Self-2021.

  • Symbolik: Emergence-2020.

  • Rivers Of Nihil: The Work-2021.


Cradle Of Filth: Existence Is Futile-2021.

Cradle Of Filth:Symphonic Black And Death Metal from United Discography: Invoking the Unclean Demo 1992 Orgiastic Pleasures Foul Demo 1992 A Pungent and Sexual Miasma Split 1992 Total Fucking Darkness Demo 1993 The Principle of Evil Made Flesh Full-length 1994 V Empire, or Dark Faerytales in Phallustein EP 1996 Dusk and Her Embrace (Litanies of […]

Diablo Swing Orchestra: Speed Dating An Arsonist-2021.

Diablo Swing Orchestra:Avant Garde Metal from Sweden. Discography: Borderline Hymns EP 2003   The Butcher’s Ballroom Full-length 2006 Sing Along Songs for the Damned & Delirious Full-length 2009 Pandora’s Piñata Full-length 2012 Pacifisticuffs Full-length 2017   War Painted Valentine Single 2021   Celebremos lo inevitable Single 2021   Swagger & Stroll Down the Rabbit Hole […]

Easy Rider: Metamorphosis-2021.

Easy Rider:Power Heavy Metal from Spain. Discography: Perfecta creación Full-length 1997 Lord of the Storm Full-length 1998   Evilution Full-length 2000   Regeneration Full-length 2002   Animal Full-length 2003   Lo Mejor de Easy Rider Compilation 2006   From the Darkness Full-length 2014   Past Members: Antonio Caballero Vocals (lead) Antonio M. Chaves Drums (1990-2001, 2015-2020) […]