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Eastern High: Halo-2021.

Eastern High:Proggressive Metal from Sweden. Discography: Garden of Heathens Full-length 2017   Emperor Single 2021   Morning Star Single 2021   Halo Full-length 2021 Past Members: Douglas “Dogge” Hallberg Drums 1. Erosion of Hearts 05:13   2. Emperor 05:34   3. Notorious Enemy 03:45   4. Journey 05:38   5. Morning Star 05:13   Show lyrics […]

Magnetic Storm: My Own War-2021.

Magnetic Storm:Melodic Groove Metal from Russia. Discography: Начальный этап Full-length 2013   Headshot EP 2015   The Unwanted One Single 2016   Ace of Spades Single 2017   Hate Will Save the World Full-length 2017   Russian Hooligans Single 2018   My Own War Full-length 2021 Past Members: Maxim Ilyin Vocals (2014-2016) Vadim Krasnov Guitars (rhythm) (2015-2017) […]

Pikes Edge: Hope-2021.

Pikes Edge:Heavy Groove Metal from Germany. Discography: Nameless Full-length 2012   All of Our Beauty Full-length 2016   Hope Full-length 2021 Past Members: Lukas Danninger Guitars See also: The Course Is Black Marin Kostek Guitars Daniele Cerra Bass, Vocals (2010-2011) See also: ex-Wild Scream Giuseppe Gitto Drums (2010-2012) Jürgen Reuschel Drums (2010-?) See also: ex-Code Red Michael Schkarlat Vocals, […]

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