Video Nasty: Video Nasty-2020.

Video Nasty:Thrash Metal from Canada.


Video NastyEP2020
Kellen Wyslouzil
See also: Flashback, ex-Arbitrator
Dave Callahan
See also: ex-Kataplexis
Jordan Schritt
See also: ex-Kataplexis
Faith Alexis Danger
Guitars (lead)
See also: LunAttack
Kyle Scott
See also: PyramidionNylithia, ex-Between Lives, ex-Mock Funeral, ex-Brotherhood of the Snake
1.Video Nasty02:10 
2.Nightmare Beach03:23  Show lyrics
3.Castle Freak02:15  Show lyrics
4.Pieces03:34  Show lyrics
5.Black Christmas02:56  Show lyrics
6.Final Exam03:58  Show lyrics
7.Antichrist (Sepultura cover)03:25  Show lyrics

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