steve stevens: Atomic Playboys-80’s-1989.

Steve Stevens (born Steven Bruce Schneider; May 5, 1959) is an American guitarist and songwriter. He is best known as Billy Idol‘s guitarist and songwriting collaborator,[1] and for his lead guitar work on the theme to Top Gun – “Top Gun Anthem” – for which he won a Grammy in 1987: Best Pop Instrumental Performance. Stevens has played for Michael JacksonRic OcasekRobert Palmer, and many others.[2] Stevens was in Vince Neil‘s band from 1992 to 1994, touring and recording on his album Exposed. In 1995, Stevens and Idol were briefly members of the group Neurotic Outsiders. Stevens was a founding member of the supergroup Bozzio Levin Stevens, which released Black Light Syndrome in 1997 and Situation Dangerous in 2000. He brought Spanish flamenco guitar stylings to the song “Pistolero” (1999) for the trance group Juno Reactor. During 2012–2016, Stevens appeared with Kings of Chaos. His “Steve Stevens” group headlined the closing performance at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany, in April 2016. He is also a television personality on the E! show Married to Rock, alongside his wife, Josie Stevens.

Solo albumsEdit

Movie soundtracksEdit

Albums with Billy IdolEdit

Album with Michael JacksonEdit

Album with Robert PalmerEdit

Albums with Jerusalem SlimEdit

Album with Vince NeilEdit

Albums as a member of Bozzio Levin StevensEdit

Albums with Kyosuke HimuroEdit

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His solo album releases include Atomic Playboys (1989),[1]Flamenco a Go-Go (1999), and Memory Crash (2008).


Solo albums

Movie soundtracks

Albums with Billy Idol

Album with Michael Jackson

Album with Robert Palmer

Albums with Jerusalem Slim

Album with Vince Neil

Albums as a member of Bozzio Levin Stevens

Albums with Kyosuke Himuro

Albums with Gregg Bissonette

Albums with Adam Bomb

Albums with Sebastian Bach

Other performances

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