Solanum: The New Genocide-2020.

Solanum: Thrash Metal from Sacramento, United States.


Living AtrophySingle2019 
The FallSingle2019 
The New GenocideSingle2019 
The New GenocideFull-length2020 
Jason Mcleod
Dustin Cooknick
See also: ex-Holic
Udi Sundarrajan
Joe Arellanes
Vocals, Guitars
1.Target: You00:50 
2.The Fall03:05 
3.The New Genocide05:17 
4.Wretched Deceit05:20 
5.One Foot in the Grave06:03 
6.Harbinger of Death04:45 
7.A Bond of Flesh05:55 
8.Living Atrophy05:32 
9.Hang ‘Em High04:55 
10.The Rotting04:58 
11.Dawn of Extinction05:22 

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