Born Of Osiris: Angel Or Alien-2021.

Born of Osiris is a band American of deathcore formed in 2003. The band has changed several name, including Diminished (2003-2004), Your Heart Engraved (2004-2006), and Rosecrance (2006-2007), in 2007, they finally decide on the name Born of Osiris, based on the name of the Egyptian deity Osiris , and the story of Horus .

In 2007, the band signed with Sumerian Records , [ 1 ] and released their first material entitled The New Reign . On July 7, 2009, the band released their first album A Higher Place through Sumerian Records . A Higher Place reached number 73 on the Billboard Top 200 . They have played various festivals, including the Summer Slaughter Tour in 2008 and 2009, and The Night of the Living Shred Tour with bands such as All Shall Perish , After The Burial , Hatebreed , Cannibal Corpse , Unearth and Hate Eternal..

In 2011 they released their second album, also through Sumerian Records , entitled The Discovery . On December 21, 2011, the band decides to expel guitarist Jason Richardson due to personal problems and immediately joins the deathcore band Chelsea Grin . [ 2 ] [ 3 ]

On June 25, 2013, the band released the single Machine through the YouTube channel of their Sumerian Records label and revealed the title of their third album Tomorrow We Die Alive , [ 4 ] the album was finally released on August 20. 2013. On August 19, 2013, they released the music video for the song Machine , the video was recorded on July 28 at the Rockstar Energy Mayhem festival in Detroit . [ 5 ] [ 6 ] On October 21, 2013, Lazan music video of the song divergency[ 7 ]

On November 15, 2018, the band published a statement on their official Facebook page announcing the departure of their bassist David Darocha, who was in the band for 11 years, and the arrival of Nick Rossi (In Motive, ex- City In The Sea) as the new bass player. [ 8 ] [ 9 ]

We want to officially declare that our brother, David, has decided to take time out of the band to pursue other projects. We are all family and we wish him the best. We are on good terms and will miss him along the way. However, the show must go on, and with that said, we’re excited to say that Nick Rossi is now a part of Born Of Osiris. He is an amazing person and a very talented musician! We’ll see you all on the way for our Killswitch Engage dates and more. [ 8 ]

Current members

  • Cameron Losch – drums (2003-present)
  • Ronnie Canizaro – voice (2003-present)
  • Joe Buras – keyboards, synthesizers, second voice (2003-present)
  • Lee McKinney – rhythm guitar (2007-present); lead guitar (2008-2009, 2011-present)
  • Nick Rossi – bass (2018-present)

Former members

  • Trevor Hulbert – voice (2003)
  • Mike Shanahan – rhythm guitar (2003-2007)
  • Joe Phillips – lead guitar (2003)
  • Joel Negus – lead guitar (2004-2007)
  • Matt Pantelis – lead guitar (2007-2008)
  • Jason Richardson – lead guitar (2009-2011)
  • Austin Krause – bass (2003-2005)
  • Dan Laabs (2005-2007)
  • Mike Mancebo (2003)
  • David Darocha – bass (2007-2018)

Touring members

  • Tosin Abasi ( Animals as Leaders ) – guitar (2009)
  • Lee Evans – guitar (2008–2009, 2012–2013)

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