Shaark: Deathonation-2020.

Group Shaark from Southern Bzenec was founded in 1991 by heavy metal band Mammoth. The first official concert in the same place in the Monster Festival in Klatovy. After three demokazetách released 1995 five Peter (vocals), Alex 93 (guitar), Trachta (guitar), Zdenál (drums) and Baja (bass) debut with Sinn Fein, in support of which was video Cannibal Rock.

During the summer of 1996 he recorded an album Shaark Propaganda and autumn compilation 10 Years After … A Tribute To Cliff Burton cover of song Whiplash of the thrash metal legends Metallica. Both records were published in the following year, when the group took part in the competition New Rock Generation, which advanced to the semifinals.

In 2000 he joined the band’s second singer Peroon 666 and by 2005 Shaark featured in a six-member group with two singers on stage. The first panel, which is involved Peroon was Suicidal Society. In support of the album was also a video clip for the song and the Black Garb. In the summer of 2001 replaced the national costume guitarist of the RAD Group of Hypnos and at the end of that year was recorded šestiskladbové promo CD.

Latest album Again With Hatred was in 2005. They helped her and former Council members, replaced by guitarist Miguel, and Peter Singer, who left the group because of the workload in the studio Shaark. The album was released in 2006. Touring in support of Alex and did not participate due to workload Zdenál group master. Replace them is happy and the band Bad Skull Face.

Group Shaark repeatedly acted as a support thrashmetalových known formations, such as Germany’s Sodom (2000 Bzenec) and Holy Moses (2003 Uherske Hradiste) or American Exodus (2004 and 2006, Prague, Brno) and Testament (1999, Prague).


War of DollarsDemo1991 
A Trip to the HellDemo1992 
Demo Number ThreeDemo1993 
Sinn FeinFull-length1995 
Suicidal SocietyFull-length2000 
Again with HatredFull-length2006 
KultRock Sound # 9Split2007 
Zdeněk Pradlovský
See also: AlvarezBack to the RootsUrschullum, ex-Death Strike, ex-Kreyson, ex-Master, ex-Vitacit, ex-Chaos in Head
See also: ex-Krabathor
Radek “Bája” Kutil
Bass (1991-present)
See also: ex-Krabathor
Ales “Alex 93” Nejezchleba
Guitars (1991-present)
See also: Urschullum, ex-Mamut, ex-Death Strike, ex-Master
Peroon 666
Vocals (2000-present)
See also: BarricadeUrschullum

Past Members:

Libor “Skull” LebánekDrums (Guest)
See also: Bloody Lair, ex-Martyr, ex-Bad Face, ex-Bethrayer, ex-Krabathor, ex-Master, ex-Proscription
Pemysl MiguelGuitars
See also: Melancholy Pessimism, ex-D.M.C.
Radek “R.A.D.” LebánekGuitars (Guest)
See also: Bad Face, ex-Stagnant, ex-Hypnos, ex-Proscription
František “Fred” DvořanDrums (1991-?)
See also: ex-Second End
Martin “Martin” MikulecGuitars (1991-1992)
See also: ex-Krabathor
Petr “Skrblik” NejezchlebaVocals, Bass (1991-2005)
See also: Back to the Roots, ex-Mamut
Přemysl MáčelGuitars (1992-?)

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