Callejon: Blitzkreuz-2012.

Callejon was founded in 2002. Their first release was a self-titled demo released in 2003. On 7 May 2005, the band released their EP Chronos. Their debut album, Willkommen im Beerdigungscafé, was released on July 7, 2006. Both albums were released through their label My Favorite Toy Records, which is based in Mainz.

In February 2003 the band went on a three-weeks promotional tour for their album Willkommen im Beerdigungscafé

In September 2007 they signed a contract with Edition TAKK, a publishing company associated with Sony/ATV Music Publishing Germany. With a tour in winter 2007 the EP Fauler Zauber Dunkelherz was promoted. After that drummer Sven Wasel was replaced by Bodo Stricker.

In May 2008 the band signed a contract with Nuclear Blast.[1] Their label debut Zombieactionhauptquartier contained 13 songs. It was produced by Eike Freese in Hamburg and was published on November 28, 2008.[2] The album features a song “Porn from Spain” with K.I.Z rapping as guest singers.

In March 2010 the band uploaded their third album Videodrom to their Myspace page. It was released on 3 April 2010 and entered the German Media Control Charts at No. 31. The Album is inspired by David Cronenberg‘s film Videodrome.[3]

Their album Blitzkreuz, produced by Colin Richardson, was released in June 2012. A video for the first single “Blitzkreuz” has been released on April 12. The album contains “Porn From Spain 2”, this time additionally to K.I.Z with Mille from Kreator and Sebastian Madsen from Madsen.

With their album Man Spricht Deutsch they released an album consisting only of cover versions in January 2013.

In 2015 a new album called Wir Sind Angst, this time exclusively with own songs, was released. It contains a song named Dunkelherz, which points back to the 2007 tour.

It was followed by Fandigo, which introduced a change of style. The newer songs contain more synthesized and melodic parts than older ones, the songs became slightly softer whilst maintaining hard riffs.

In succession to Man Spricht Deutsch, Callejon released Hartgeld im Club in 2019. It mainly consists of covers of German rap music, although some own songs and features are included. It also contains a third “Porn from Spain”-Song featuring Ice-T and K.I.Z as well.

In May 2020 the band announced a new album entitled “Metropolis”, which was released on 28 August 2020. The album was stated to be inspired by Fritz Lang‘s film of the same name. The first song of the album, also of the same name, was released three months prior on 29 May 2020. Singer BastiBasti directed the accompanying music video.[4] On 31 July, a second single was released titled “Gottficker” with accompanying music video also directed by BastiBasti.[5][6]

Callejon discography
Studio albums8
Live albums1
Demo albums1

Studio albums

YearAlbum detailsPeak chart positions
2006Willkommen im BeerdigungscaféReleased: July 6, 2006Label: My Favourite ToyFormat: CD, digital download
2008ZombieactionhauptquartierReleased: November 21, 2008Label: Nuclear BlastFormat: CD, digital download
2010VideodromReleased: April 3, 2010Label: Nuclear BlastFormat: CD, digital download31
2012BlitzkreuzReleased: June 16, 2012Label: Four Music, Blacksome MusicFormat: CD, digital download932
2013Man spricht DeutschReleased: January 11, 2013Label: Four MusicFormat: CD, digital download761
2015Wir sind AngstReleased: January 9, 2015Label: Four MusicFormat: CD, digital download524
2017FandigoReleased: July 28, 2017Label: People Like You RecordsFormat: CD, digital download927
2019Hartgeld im Club[10]Released: January 4, 2019Label: People Like You RecordsFormat: CD, digital download563
2020MetropolisReleased: August 28, 2020Label: Warner Music GermanyFormat: CD, digital download725
List of EPs
EP details
ChronosReleased: February 7, 2005
Label: My Favourite Toy
Format: CD, digital download
Fauler Zauber DunkelherzReleased: December 1, 2007
Label: independent
Format: CD, digital download
2008: Zombiefied / Porn from Spain
2009: Phantomschmerz
2010: Sommer, Liebe, Kokain
2011: Wherever I May Roam
2012: Feindliche Übernahme
2012: Porn From Spain 2
2012: Kind im Nebel
2014: Dunkelherz
2017: Utopia
2017: Monroe
2017: Noch einmal
2017: Hölle Stufe 4
2018: Urlaub fürs Gehirn
2018: Palmen aus Plastik
2018: Von Party zu Party
2018: Was du Liebe nennst
2018: Porn from Spain 3
2020: Metropolis
2020: Gottficker
Demo albums
2003: Demo 2003
Live albums
2015: Live in Köln

Bastian Sobtzick
Bernhard Horn
Christoph Koterzina
Thorsten Becker
Max Kotzmann

Past Members:

Frank Walther-SimonVohberger -Stefan Vohberger-Sebastian Gallinat-Sven Wasel-Thomas Buschhausen.

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