Dimhav: The Boreal Flame-2019.

The Boreal Flame combines diverse elements of progressive and power metal with expansive atmospheres and rich harmonies. With powerful, soaring vocals and fiery instrumental action, it will appeal to fans of bands like WintersunLost Horizon and Symphony X. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Dimhav consists of brothers Staffan Lindroth (guitars, bass, keyboard leads) and Olle Lindroth (drums, keyboard arrangements), joined on The Boreal Flame by Daniel Heiman (vocals). The album was mixed by Staffan Lindroth and mastered by Jacob Hansen.


The Boreal FlameFull-length2019
Staffan Lindroth
Bass, Guitars, Keyboards
See also: Shadows Past
Olle Lindroth
See also: Shadows Past
Daniel Heiman
See also: HarmonyWarrior Path, ex-Heed, ex-Destiny, ex-Crystal Eyes (live), ex-Lost Horizon, ex-Conviction, ex-Lavett

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