Injector: Hunt Of The Rawhead-2020.

Injector, the thrash metal band from Cartagena (Spain), have been on stage since 2012 and have three albums behind them: a self-produced EP, in addition to the LP “Black Genesis” (2015) and the album “Stone Prevails ”(2018), both released under the Art Gates Records label.

Injector combine youth and quality, so they are a bet for the future of national thrash metal. Currently, they are presenting live the songs from their latest album “Stone Prevails”, an album that was released in May 2018, and from which they will carry their passion for music, aggressiveness and emotion in every corner.


Harmony of ChaosEP2013 
Black GenesisFull-length2015
Stone PrevailsFull-length2018 
March to KillSingle2020 
Hunt of the RawheadFull-length2020
Bass, Vocals (2012-present)
Danny B
Guitars (2012-present)
Dani MVN
Guitars, Vocals (2012-present)
Drums (2017-present)
See also: Anima SacraImmortal Shadow

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