Corona Skies: Fragments Of Reality-2016.

Well, everybody knows that Finland is one of the most prolific countries of the world in terms of Metal. Every Metal style has bands from the country, and it’s not an abuse to say that the greater part of Finnish bands do excellent works and have strong personalities. The factors are linked to education, a good level of life for every citizen, and many others. Another very good name comes from Finland: CORONA SKIES, that releases its first album, called “Fragments of Reality”.

Their musical style is just that melodic Rock/Heavy Metal with very good keyboards, good level of musical accessibility, fine melodies that are easy to understand (and will be in your minds for days), but don’t think that they don’t know how to be aggressive. They know, of course, but without leaving the melodic aesthetics aside. Some modern touches appear here and there (as we hear on the Industrial orchestration parts on “Delirium Disco”) as well. The sound quality is almost perfect, because every musical arrangement is heard without problems, even in the aggressive moments. But the weight of the work is really in a good level, and the instrumental tunes are perfect for what the band wants to do.

As Big Daddy here wrote on other reviews, there’s a strange element behind the music that is a trademark from Finnish bands, something that you can recognize a band from the country. They are really good, showing excellent songs as the catchy melodies of “Big Boys Blues” (a fine melodic work done by guitars and keyboards), the hard and filthy groove of “The Social Network”, the aggressive guitars and good tempos of “Delirium Disco”, the excellent bass guitar and drums parts on “Business Suits You”, the very good accessibility shown on “Summer Bum”, and the long and charming “The Sea of My Mediocrity”. But the entire album is really excellent.

If in their first album they are as good as we hear, the second will be a masterpiece.


To Pluto and Never BackEP2011 
Fragments of RealityFull-length2016
Janne Mäkiö
Petri Heinonen
Drums, Percussion
See also: CoredustRajallaShadow Tribe, King Satan, ex-Dead Soulhuette, ex-Grunttvatten
Matias Knuuttila
See also: Gladenfold
Panu Aho
Oskari Salovaara
Guitars (acoustic), Vocals
Ville Vihko

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