Thabu: Reborn-2011.

Thabu, a progressive metal band, was formed in September 2004 by Santiago Díaz Garces on guitar, Leandro Bulanikian on drums and Carlos Di Tirro on vocals and keyboards.
In 2005 with this formation and taking charge of the bass guitarist Santiago Díaz Garces, Thabu recorded the first EP, which consists of two songs, and with which they had a great impact. After several auditions they complete the band with the bassist Marcos Guerci, with whom they begin to perform live throughout the year, performing for the first time in the city of Bahía Blanca with great acceptance from the public and performing in various venues both in Capital as of Greater Buenos Aires.
In 2006 they prepared to finish arranging, composing and recording the first album and the bass player was replaced in September, entering after several tests Salvatore Cappelli, who immediately took over the recordings.
In July 2007 the band made its first international presentation in Viña del Mar and Santiago, Chile, culminating this tour in Mendoza, Argentina. Towards the end of the year they played with Uranian in Bahía Blanca for the second time.
Already in 2008 they changed bassist again, Marco Ignacio Toba entered and in September they released "The oppression of the inevitable" album that has 11 works of symphonic-progressive metal, distributed throughout the country and sold through the Internet to the whole world. . Shortly after the album is released, Thabu thinks of a new vocalist; Carlos Di Tirro moves away due to musical and personal differences. After more than six months of auditions and already running 2009, Gisela Bianchi (former Synapse) joined the band who after a few months and some live performances decided to move away due to personal problems. From this moment on, Thabu began the composition and recording of a new album while auditioning singers from both Argentina and the rest of Latin America and the USA. After countless tests, they welcome the Chilean singer James Robledo (ex Alternancia), who perfectly fit the sound intended by the band and stood out for his vocal versatility, which ended the work started in this new stage.

La opresión de lo inevitable	Full-length	2008	 
A Game of Lies	Single	2011	 
Reborn	Full-length	2011	 
Humanidad	Full-length	2016	 
Leandro Bulanikian
Drums (2004-?)
See also: Praeludium, ex-Tormento
Santiago Diaz Garces
Guitars (2004-?)
See also: ex-Kristine
Marco Ignacio Toba
Bass (2008-?)
See also: HägenWitchour, ex-Centurio
James Robledo
Vocals (2008-?)
See also: Sinner’s Blood, ex-Renegade

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