Nightborn: Skyless-2017.

This band is just one person, the name Arda K, who indulges in quite good modern progressive thrash which is sustained in a dominant fast-pace although there’s a lot happening within the songs which are quite lengthy (6-8min), but the guys makes sure that every composition has a hefty speedy decoration. “Hemorrhage of the Soul” is a good reminder of early Destruction with its sharp spinning riffs, and “The Sorrow Room” is a stylish nod to more recent Paradox. “Bloodgrown Darkness” attempts some intriguing lightning-fast thrashing ala Expulsion, and “Visitation” is a superb complex riff-fest with a wide array of time and tempo shifts. Arda provides passable mid-ranged semi-clean timbre which hits the higher registers at times in a more shouty, hoarser fashion.


Arda K
Vocals, Guitars, Drums (2012-present)

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