A Tortured Soul: On The Evil Night-2016.

A Tortured Soul are a somewhat prolific heavy metal outfit from Milwaukee who just released their fourth album in just a little more than a decade. This particular release is noticeably heavier than their previous efforts, and is also quite a bit more long-winded. Whilst their previous albums were more of the standard length, this beast clocks in at over an hour with most of the songs breaking the six-minute mark. The album is just massive in every sense: its sound is thick from beginning to end, the downtuned guitars contrast with the high-pitched and haunting vocals, and it’s an epic thriller of horror and suspense, with all the dreamy interludes you would expect.

DeWayne Bolle
See also: ex-B.E.N.T., ex-Groove Epidemic, ex-Nethereal Portal
Nate Gorenc
Guitars (lead) (2002-present)
Rick Black
Vocals (2002-present)
Brian Bolle
Guitars (2012-present)
See also: ex-B.E.N.T., ex-Thyatira, ex-Victims of Voodoo, ex-Groove Epidemic, ex-Mirror Black, ex-Nethereal Portal

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