Stortregn: Emptiness Fills The Void-2018.

Swiss metaller’s STORTREGN chose to name themselves after the Swedish word for “downpour,” a word that aptly embodies the nature of their music. Their brand of melodic black/death metal is characterized by layers of cascading riffs descending upon listener’s ear like heavy rains on a thunderous night. The group got their start in Geneva in 2006, and have since released four albums, the latest of which is “Emptiness Fills the Void.” Perhaps the most comparable bands are DISSECTION and THULCANDRA, who similarly blend melodic black and death metal riffs that sometimes border on traditional heavy metal.

Romain Negro
Guitars (2006-2016), Vocals (2006-present)
Johan Smith
Guitars (lead, acoustic) (2006-present)
Samuel Jakubec
Drums (2012-present)
See also: Hypocras
Duran K. Bathija
Bass (2013-2016), Guitars (2016-present)
Manuel Barrios
Bass (2016-present)
See also: Brokenhead

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