Bakken: This Mean War-2020.

“Formed in 2011, Bakken are a classic heavy metal band from Northern Ireland. The quartet describe their sound as “combining the visceral edge, gruff vocals and choppy riffing of early thrash metal with melodic sensibilities and complex song structures of German power metal and NWOBHM”.


Mystic MogulSingle2012 
The CursedSingle2012 
Death of a HeroFull-length2012
Judgement DaySingle2014 
Worldwide GenocideEP2014 
Evil Walks This WaySingle2014 
This Means WarFull-length2020
Niall McGrotty
Drums (2011-present)
Simon Pickett
Vocals, Guitars (2011-present)
Frank Levi
Vocals (2018-present)
Thomas Alford
Bass (2019-present)
See also: SandstoneTim Ripper Owens (live), ex-Selene
Shaun Nelson
Guitars (2019-present)
See also: ex-IronHeart, Secrets of Steel, ex-Conjuring Fate, ex-Syth, ex-Rabid Bitch of the North (live), ex-Attica Rage, ex-Argonath, ex-After Kill

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