Metal scenT: The Mask-2021.

Metal Scent was formed around 2004.On August 2005 their first Album was released and consisted of 10 Middle Eastern mega hit songs, Rearranged and recomposed into Metal versions.Metal Scent invited 10 Mega local stars to sing the songs dueting with Metal Scent’s lead singer Rami Salmon.The Result was a unique mixture of Eastern music with a Metal sound to it.The Album was a success in Israel, the band toured and played all over the country and was invited to play on all major TV shows along With 4 singles that were playing on all radio stations over Israel.The same year an American Music investor heard the band and liked the concept of the Album. That led the band to get signed with Crash Music for their second Album.This time, taking major American hit songs from the 60’s, Rearranging and recomposing them into metal versions. The result was all time American hits dressed in Metal versions, with Middle Eastern Influences.Crash Music Luckily insisted that the Album will include at least 50% original material, so the band wrote 9 songs in a period of 2 month And it was really hard to choose which songs will be in the Album. Only 5 could be included.The New Album “Homemade” that was released October 2011 includes all original material for the first time.Almost all band members contributed to the song writing. The album (like it’s name) was recorded at the home studios of the band’s members and was mixed by Ronen Ziony who contributed countless sleepless nights and literally hundreds of mixing hours to get this Album complete.Metal Scent has toured Georgia and Ukraine during July 2011 and are currently playing all over Israel promoting their new release.The band opend for Uriah Heep and Aria on their tours in Israel and will open for Joe Lynn Turner on December 16th this year.


Metal Scent began as a cover band.First they ‘metalized’ Israeli pop hits, and then Sixties classics.After listening to Homemade, they should have went straight to making their own music a long time ago.The Mask is a new album, with 12 songs you get you’re money’s worth. It’s aptly titled as the album was made in the band members’ studios. Metal Scent works from the strengths of melody, vocal harmony, catchy grooves and choruses, with enough metal heaviness to be edgy. Big guitars and solos fill the album as well. Call it metalized catchy hard rock or simply accessible melodic metal. It all sounds good. Each song stands on its on merits, and allows Homemade to offer necessary variation that makes this a better than average album.Metal Scent could be Israel’s hidden treasure. This is solid melodic metal with lots of ambition and promise.Very recommended.


01. 12 Steps (05:09)
02. Crazy Maze (03:55)
03. I’m In Love Eith Rock&Roll (04:35)
04. Wired For Sound (03:58)
05. The Mask (03:58)
06. With A Kiss (05:12)
07. Dead On The Line (03:41)
08. No One Home (04:02)
09. Frozen Fire (03:50)
10. Fun A Muck (03:24)
11. Straight To Hell (02:36)
12. I Fell Hope (04:51) (Bonus Track)

Rami Salmon – Lead Vocals
Ronen (Rony Zee) – Drums
Dror Yakar -Guitars
Sion Shalom -Guitars
Ben Metal – Bass

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