Divine Realm: Tectum Argenti-2016.

With musical roots in Progressive Metal, Rock, and Metal-core/Djent, Divine Realm is an uncharted alliance of technical lead guitar work over unique instrumental soundscapes. Founded by multi-instrumentalist and lead guitarist Leo Diensthuber in 2010, DR’s first offerings grabbed the attention of listeners due to it’s technical prowess and progressive nature. The bands impassioned sophomore effort, EP/Sampler “Mor[t]ality” was released with help from DJQ Artist Development firm (Former clients include Miss May I, Woe Is Me etc.) and mastered by producer/ engineer Matt Dalton (I See Stars, Chiodos, See You Next Tuesday) of 37 Studios in Cleveland Ohio. The band (who has been compared to Animals As Leaders, The Human Abstract, Between the Buried and Me) also includes rhythm/lead guitarist Marc Roy, bassist/producer Tyler Brayton and Kyle Gaulin, is rapidly becoming an instrumental force to be reckoned with. Furthermore, the bands latest EP was conceived, written, funded, recorded and produced by the band itself, namely Brayton, who brought his recording and producing experience as well as finesse to the table to make “Abyssal Light” into a memorable journey for every listener. With much hype and anticipation, the bands self-produced debut EP “Abyssal Light” was released on April 1st /2014 (Itunes/Bandcamp) and has already gained notoriety in the underground metal circles attaining exposure on many well-known media/blog pages all over the web. Along with featuring Divine Realm on it’s webpage(s) as “Artist of the Week” as well as exclusively launching the pre-release Youtube stream of “Abyssal Light”, online Metal Blog presence “The Circle Pit” declared: “This is a band that makes an immediate impression. Divine Realm may remove the air from your lungs the moment you hit “play.” In another review of “Abyssal Light” NO CLEAN SINGING scribe Austin Weber described the band’s latest as: “beautiful and uplifting overall, but not in a lull-you-to-sleep-way. It’s more like watching delicious bacon slowly sizzle into perfection, or watching the tide roll in at the beach on acid.” With DR’s latest EP “Abyssal Light” just recently released and surely many adventures and opportunities ahead, Divine Realm is optimistic for the future of it’s endeavors and hopes to continue to inspire listeners and musicians alike in the ever-evolving plethora that is music.

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