Painted Wives: New Medusa-2021.

Helmed by guitarist Justin Suitor (with their line-up rounded out by drummer Derek Eglit, bassist Justin Morales and guitarist Jeff Lyman with collaborator, conspirator and outside lyricist Ryan Williams taking an unconventional, but official role in the band), PAINTED WIVES rose from the ashes of celebrated Orange County ensemble, Railroad To Alaska, to fill a void in the local heavy music scene.


1. Long Time Coming 04:14
2. Cellular Eclipse 04:55
3. Crystal Abyss 04:10
4. Device 04:13
5. Downstairs 05:26
6. El Dorado Heat 04:40
7. Golden Silver 05:02
8. Liar 03:43
9. New Medusa 04:02
10. Truth & Consequences 05:05
11. See You at Dawn 03:24
12. Shangri-La

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