Detritus: Myths-2021.

Andy Bright
Andy Neal
Paul Newington Wise
Mark Broomhead
Vocals, Bass
See also: Seventh Angel
Michael Bryzak
Guitars (2019-present)
See also: Bloodwork, ex-Paradox

Forged in the fires of a Bristol Heavy Metal scene dominated by Onslaught in 1989, Progressive Thrash act Detritus created a pair of well received albums in a four year run with both 1990’s “Perpetual Defiance” and 1993’s “If But For One” both creating a storm to drag any fishing trawler caught in them to the black depths. Then things went quiet… until they decided to re-issue both records and enthused by the success of that venture into unknown territory they returned to the studio once more. The result of that is “Myths” and coupled with artwork from Rodney Matthews it sees Andy Bright (Drums & Percussion), Mark Broomhead (Vocals & Bass Guitar), Michael Bryzak (Guitar) Andy Neal (Guitar) and Paul Newington-Wise (Guitar) determined not to re-live their youth but to start a fresh chapter.

Track listing

  1. Myth Of Redemptive Violence
  2. Bright Black
  3. Tale of Sadness
  4. Call Me Human
  5. Exoria
  6. Bloodstained Glass
  7. Phraisee
  8. The Game
  9. Forever Soldier

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