Mindwork: Eterea-2012.

Released November 30, 2012

Martin Schuster – vocals, guitars, keyboard
Adam Palma – bass
Filip Kittnar – drums

Music, lyrics: Martin Schuster (except for ‘Reaping of Waters’ music: Adam Palma, lyrics: Filip Kittnar)
Engineering, mix/master: Stanislav Valášek (studio Šopa)
Artwork: Miloš Kotek


Reissue in 2013 by Divebomb Records/Tribunal Records with a bonustrack.
1. Enter Eterea01:33
2. Perceiving the Reality05:03
3. The Stream of Causality06:23
4. Mind Renewal04:29
5. Causality (The Reconciliation)07:38
6. Reaping of Waters04:15
7. Stillness of the Sea03:24
8. Enthusiastic Waves07:13
9. Eterea Collapse05:09
bonustrack 2013 reissue:
10. Uroboric Forms (Cynic cover)

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