Temnein: Tales: Of Humanity And Greed-2020.

Title : Tales: Of Humanity And Greed
Release Date : 22/05/2020
Catalog ref. : TEM CD001
Format : CD

Label: Blood Blast Distribution (digital only)

01. The Storyteller
02. The Blind and the Greedy
03. The Knotted Bag
04. I Am Davy Jones
05. Rise of the Sontarans
06. A Few Drops of Blood
07. City of Gold
08. Dirge for Termina
09. Yuki Onna
10. Scums of Hamelin

Florian Frandidier – Guitars
Julien De Giorgio – Bass
Valentin Treuillier – Drums
Jocelyn Fidry – Vocals
Morgan Rappe – Guitars


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